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Servicing and Repairs

We offer servicing and repairs with a range of service options to choose from so give your bicycle some TLC in the capable hands of our inhouse bike technician.


Bikes are machines and awesome ones at that, and they deserve proper care and attention.


Regular servicing will help to keep them operating smoothly and reduce wear and tear.  This can save you money in the long run and avoid BIG repair bills from prematurely worn out components.



Full safety check, frame and forks wiped down and checked for alignment, gears and brakes adjusted, chain checked and lubricated, wheels and tyres inspected for wear.


All of the above plus:

Drivetrain (chain, cassette and chainset) removed, cleaned and refitted, bottom bracket checked, headset checked and adjusted, wheels trued and hub bearings adjusted (if necessary).


All of the above plus:

Full strip down to the frame and forks, frame and disc mounts faced (if applicable,) headset and bottom bracket removed and serviced (if applicable), wheel hubs disassembled and serviced.

Please note that these service prices quoted exclude parts.


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